Internal cleaning of pipes and shafts

Pipes and shafts or workpieces with the necessity of degreasing before further processing are manufactured from various materials and in all possible dimensions. Particularly at units with slim inside diameters or with a great length the cleaning in the inner side of the object is a problem in General.

Spindelkörper nach der Demontage

Spindle body after dismantling

Rohrkörper während des Spülens

Pipe body during rinsing

Application / Requirement

Normally an oil-free removal of chips from the processing inclusively oil/cooling lubricants is important. The workpieces are either measured, assembled or surface treated after cleaning.

Previous technique

Generally such workpieces are cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner or with chemicals containing solvents. Both techniques are not considered as to be result-sure and „workshop-suited“. Moreover, the high-pressure cleaner requires special environmental conditions and due to the process it is scarcely resource-saving.

Advantages of the ph-cleantec technology:

  • Universal cleaning technology

  • There are no well-known alternative techniques

  • High effectiveness, even at heavily accessible places

  • Damage-free cleaning, also at sensitive components

Interchangeable tools

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Telescopic lances

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