High-gloss polished components


High-gloss polished workpieces must be free of grease after engraving so that they can be painted in another step. They are visible parts in an elevator and integrated in the control surface .


Previous technology

It is almost impossible to clean the components since they are too big for the ultrasonic baths/rinse baths and therefore uninteresting in terms of money. Above all, the scratch-free cleaning of the parts is a special challenge, since even the rags leave scratch marks.


Modified 1000 SRE with separate rinse device. The cleaning is carried out with an alkaline cleaner and de-mineralised water.
The addition of an alkaline cleaning agent reduces the aggressiveness of the demineralised water;therefore a normal 1000 SRE could be specified.
In a second step the degreased area is rinsed with de-mineralised water. Otherwise residues are left on the surfaces which later cannot be removed any more. Subsequently painting can be done and the components can be installed.



  • Efficient solution also for large components.
  • High flexibility with regard to the quantities and sizes: you are not limited to the restrictive dimensions of washing machines and ultrasonic baths.
  • Gentle procedure.
  • Additional rinse cycle generates a residue-free Surface.
  • The high-gloss polished executions till now were sold only reluctantly since the production and the maintenance are expensive; any dirt is visible.