Cleaning of tool magazine

The proper cleaning of a tool machine is in practice still a disagreeable and time-consuming task. Especially small and medium size tool machines have a very compact design and combine a variety of functions at minimum space. This means difficult accessibility for cleaning!

The real „machining space“ often is quite well accessible whereas the tool magazine or also the drive section have a filigree design.  However, these zones and particularly the tool magazine require a thorough and regular cleaning. Adhesions by the cooling lubricant, oils or chips cause damages in the tool holders and handling systems.

The cleaning with high pressure per se is not feasible since the high pressures and enormous amounts of water would lead to damages and washing out of the bearings. The use of rags and brushes is only possible at places which are easily accessible and, besides the insufficient cleaning, it poses the risk of painful injuries. Moreover, the manual cleaning is very time-consuming and is not in relation to the result.

In this case the ph-cleantec low-pressure hot cleaning technology works more gently, more efficiently and faster!
The procedure combines a pressure from 3 to max. 14 bar with a high operating temperature of 95°C. This is generated by an electrical flow heater within one minute.
The low pressure ensures that no damages or enormous splash effects can occur; the handling is carried out with the lance which is slim enough that even difficult-to-access places can be reached. A flushing volume of only approx. 2 l/min guarantees that the removed pollutions are reasonably transported away and that no bearings are washed out.

 It is not necessary that the operator puts his hands into the machine, thus injuries can be avoided. The tools remain in the holder and are cleaned in one step.
The time saving is considerable compared with a manual cleaning. A tool magazine with for example 60 places can be cleaned within a few minutes.

The machine’s own cooling lubricant is used as medium. This means that the cleaning can be performed at any time without diluting the emulsion or going bad by alkaline cleaning agents. The cooling lubricant can be filled into the device tank or directly be sucked in.

Besides the tool magazine or the drive areas it is of course possible to keep the whole machine and the periphery clean with the low-pressure hot cleaning method.

In combination with a mounted-on parts cleaning bath the devices of ph-cleantec can be also used as mobile washstands for parts cleaning during maintenance or repair or for degreasing of production parts.

Furthermore, there is the possibility by another option for thermal disinfection of the cooling lubricant in the by-pass mode. With this method the addition of aggressive fungicides or bactericides can be reduced or avoided.