Cleaning of smaller castings

Technical basics

Castings are manufactured from the most different materials and in all imaginable dimensions. Particularly in case of smaller units the accessibility into the casting inside for cleaning is not easy.

Rohkörper vor der Bearbeitung

Funktionstest mit Makrolonscheibeund SR-FX

Application / Requirement

In this case primarily the removal of fine chips from the chip processing incl. oil/cooling lubricants and the so-called cast sand is important.

Previous technology

Compressed air with the „hope“ of blow-out of pollutions or ultrasonic cleaning technology in sufficiently dimensioned baths. Both alternative technologies are not „result-certain“ and rather represent a test of the users for complaint minimization.

Advantages of the ph-cleantec technology

  • Universal cleaning technology

  • Cost saving in comparison to the alternative technologies

  • High effectiveness, even at heavily accessible places

  • Damage-free cleaning, also at sensitive components

Spülversuche mit SR-FX unter Verwendung von A -185 als Reiniger.

Rinsing tests with SR-FX

Hohe Spülleistung bis in die Kammersysteme

High rinsing efficiency up to the chamber Systems

Spray accessories

Details spray accessories