Cleaning of separators

General information


Separators are used in the machining industry to separate / clean cooling lubricant emulsions, washing waters and oil-water mixtures.


Separators requirements

The interior parts of the separators must be cleaned regularly. The cleaning should be done

  • quickly
  • efficiently
  • without damage.

Some of the components are “nano-coated“ in order to guarantee a higher dirt-repellence. These nano-coated components must be specially protected from “rough” cleaning methods.

Advantages with ph-cleantec low pressure hot cleaners

- The principle allows “soft“ cleaning methods
- Dirt from solid matter, oils etc. are difficult to be cleaned by cold cleanersand it is time consuming

  • time saving
  • without use of chemicals

- Application in the workshop is possible
- No special environmental conditions required
- The size of the components does not present any special limitation like e.g. washing machines or ultrasonic baths