Cleaning of electrostatic filter elements

Technical basis

Electrostatic filter systems are used for cleaning of the outgoing air of tooling machines working with cooling lubricants or oils from solid or liquid particlesbymeansof high-voltage.

  • staff–and environmental protection
  • cleanliness in production

Functional principle



In order to protect the value and to secure a perfect functioning of filters a thorough cleaning is recommended by the manufactureres (4 to 12 weeks, dependingon contamination).


  • quick, economical, effective and damage-free cleaning of preliminaryand afterfilter, of ionizers and collectors.

Former cleaning method

  • high pressure cleaners (damage of collector plates of tungsten wires of ionizers)

ph-cleantec technology:

  • universal cleaning method

  • time saving

  • high efficiency

  • damage-free cleaning also at sensible components


Ionizer/ Collector


Preliminary filter

Cleaning of filter elements