Cleaning of brass work pieces with demineralized water

Technical basics

  • Electrical connecting parts made of brass which are produced by machines tool with cutting oil cooled technology.

    • Large quantities (approx.: 500-3500 pcs./shift)
    • Different part sizes (L=10–100mm, Ø2-50mm)



Functional principal

When producing continuously the work pieces are cleaned quickly and effectively in boxes next to the machines tools.


  • Application free of cleaning agent and solvents
  • No lime spots remain on the surface after drying
  • Gentle cleaning for human and environment

Previous technology

  • With petroleum, subsequent application dipped in the neutrodyne manually, afterwards blowing-off with compressed air

Advantages of the ph-cleantec technology

  • Universal cleaning technology for all sizes of work pieces
  • Time saving by mass cleaning compared with single parts cleaning
  • 100 % gentle procedure for environment and operator
  • Less compressed air consumption and thus less noise intensivewww.
Cleaning of brass work pieces