Industrial parts cleaning

With the raised splash-proof bath even parts can be cleaned quickly and simply on the robust grid. A special sedimentation- and filtration system makes sure, that the main dirt releases into the collector and allows to use the water for a long time.

To combat really stubborn dirt and grime, a concentrated cleaning agent can be added at a precisely controlled rate, if necessary also with a corrosion protection feature. The sturdy cleaning bath (for parts up to 80 kg) can also be used for dismantling of motors, gears, etc.

Supplemented by versatile spray accessories even difficult to access points or hard dirt can be optimally cleaned.

A special sedimentation and filter procedure allows using the circulating water. Thus we make an important contribution to economical water consumption and the system is independent from a permanent water supply.

The applications

  • Fixture devices
  • Bearings
  • Electrical engines
  • Pneumatic parts
  • Press tools, punching tools and drawing dies
  • Chain saws, tools
  • Drives, pumps
  • Hydrostatic gears
  • Hydraulic aggregates and valves
  • Cylinders, valves, air-distributing valves
  • Propeller shafts/protective covers
  • Deep-drawn and chasing parts
  • Dirt consisting of wax or abrasive, polishing and honing pastes
  • Preparatory cleaning for subsequent painting
  • Calibration for extrusion processes
  • Tools for the production of glass
  • Brakes and engine drives

Your advantages

  • Universal
  • From “thimble” to large parts
  • No or few chemicals
  • Economic
  • Mobile
  • Can be used in the workshop
  • No damage to sensitive components
  • Cleaning at difficult to access points

Application videos

Industrial parts cleaning

Components degreasing

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