Machine cleaning from a providers point of view

Tooling machine, very dirty


Soiling's of dirt, dust, chips and solid emulsion need to be removed. Thereby no other admixtures are allowed to be used than the custom emulsions. Simultaneous, adhering bacteria and mycelium should be removed neatly to increase the lifetime of the emulsion.

Low pressure hot cleaning procedure

By means of low pressure of 3 -8 bar (max. 14 bar) and a high temperature of 95°C machine tools can be cleaned gently, fast and user-friendly, also hard-to-reach places. The process is handled via a long lance and the temperature is regulated by an electrical low-type heater within a minute. As a medium the cooling lubricant of the machine tool is used.



  • Fast and efficient cleaning in the whole machine incl. periphery and not only at places, which are easy to reach.

  • Regarding the refilling the fresh emulsion consequently gets in a clean machine (inter alia without collecting point of bacteria) >>> Lifetime of the emulsion is extended obviously (factor 2 to 3)

  • Lifetime of the tool is extended, because the emulsion retains its lubrication properties and cooling properties for a longer time and also because tool are cleaned directly in Magazine.

  • Optical appearance of a clean machine

     >>> Is a poster child for the Company

    >>> Higher motivation of the employees

    >>> Less outages and repairs

    >>> Better work results


Economic benefit in the cleaning with the low pressure hot cleaning technology

  • Significant reduction of the consumption costs of cooling lubricant concentrate, system cleaner and admixtures, like fungicides and bactericides
    Regarding 20 WZM with 6,000 liters and doubling the lifetime, it yields savings of ca. 3,000.- €/a 

  • Reduction the disposal Costs
    Approx. 6,000 liters less of emulsions, which need to be disposed >>> ca. 1,000.-€/a

  • Less downtimes of the machines, because the change interval can be reduced significantly
    Regarding 8 h for a water change per machine and a machine-hour rate of 100.- €
    >>> 20 mach. x 8h x 100.-€/h = 16,000.-€

  • An emulsion, which fulfills its tasks longer and consequently protects inter alia the tools and ensures a neat protection of corrosions

  • Significantly reduced cleaning times and a simpler handling ensures consequently a higher motivation of the employees. >>> 3 to 4 times faster
    Regarding a machine-hour rate of 100.-€, per cleaning ca. 5 hours can be saved
    >>> 20 mach. x 5 h x 100.-€/h = 10,000.-€