Cleaning of eroding machines

Application / Requirement

Finest pollutions have to be removed from the very narrow and complicated surface geometries of the work-tables. The dielectric used during the machining process should serve as cleaning medium, if possible.

Previous technology

Till now the work-tables were either cleaned with other cleaning media (cold cleaners, water, special cleaning agents) and had to be reworked extensively or the dielectric was applied with the supply unit of the eroding machine and „spread“ with brushes. This led to an unsatisfactory result.

Advantages of the ph-cleantec technology:

  • Depending on the characteristics the dielectric can be filled directly into the cleaning device
  • Mobile use – time saving
  • Cleaning without much splash-back effects without direct contact to the medium
  • Extensive rework not necessary
  • Durability of the dielectric is considerably longer
  • Filter elements in the eroding machine are protected

Conditions at demonstration:

  • Machine: OPS-Ingersoll Gantry Eagle 500
  • Dielectric: Exxon Mobil VACMUL EDM 3

Machine cleaning