Low-pressure cleaner - The real alternative to the high-pressure cleaner

High-pressure cleaners usually work with pressures >60 bar and a water volume of more than 6 l/min. However this requires that the parts/machines//surfaces to be cleaned permit these pressures without being damaged and that the environmental conditions can withstand the enormous splash-back effects and water quantities.

The user must be clothed appropriately and the waste water volumes should be disposed properly. When using cleaning agents the appropriate dosing should be taken into consideration. 2% per 10 l/min that is 0,2 l cleaning agent/min in consumption.

ph-cleantec with their gentle low-pressure hot cleaning systems offer a real alternative. In the application the method is similar to the high-pressure cleaner, i.e. working manually with lance and pistol.

But the pressure is only 3 -8 bar (max. 14 bar) and the water volume is only 1,8 l/min. As a further physical component 95° C hot medium is added. It is heated in an electrical flow heater within one minute.

This means as significant difference to the high-pressure cleaner that the ph-cleantec method is working gently and thus can be used in the production/workshop without the enormous amounts of water and splash-back effects.

The low-pressure hot cleaning is on the one hand used in connection with collectors for parts cleaning, the cleaning in the repair and maintenance or component degreasing. The component size ranges from "thimbles" to large and heavy "chunks". In combination with the appropriate change tools it can be cleaned even in places with difficult access as bores, blind holes, undercuts or even in long pipes. The used water can be operated in the cycle which drastically reduces the disposal costs as well as the costs for cleaning agents compared with the high-pressure cleaner.

A further important field of application is the cleaning in machines and plants. With the long lance you can reach even heavily accessible places without high water entry or damages. Neither the user nor the environment is affected.

In tool machines the utilised cooling lubricant or the cutting oil can be used as medium.

In summary the low-pressure hot cleaning technique is characterized compared with he high-pressure cleaner by the following advantages:

  • Gentle cleaning procedure amongst others for applications in the workshop/production
  • Low water consumption and therefore lower disposal costs and reduced amount of cleaning agents
  • No damage to component parts and machines
  • Gentle for the user and the environment
  • By means of special change tools also suitable for complex application
  • Electrically operated flow heater means compared to the fuel operated system with high pressure lower energy costs and the possibility of application in the production.
  • High-pressure cleaners normally may be operated only with washing bay and oil separator.