Low-pressure hot cleaning

The low-pressure hot cleaning process was developed in the eighties by ph-cleantec (formerly Schickert) for the gentle brake cleaning in car workshops. The handling of the low-pressure hot cleaning technique is carried out, as in case of the high-pressure cleaner, by lance or pistol, however the pressure is only 3 - 8 bar (max. 14 bar) and 95° C hot water.

Compared with the high-pressure cleaner the low-pressure hot cleaning devices can be used in the workshop or production and operate without significant splash-back effects, damage-free.

Water consumption is only 1,8 l/min (max. 2,4 l/min). I.e. for applications in consumption the required water and cleaning agent quantities as well as disposal volumes are considerably lower compared with the high-pressure cleaner.

The devices are mobile and therefore can be used flexibly in the workshop. The 95° C hot medium is brought to temperature in approx. 1 minute by means of an electrical flow heater and is immediately available. In stand-by mode there is no energy consumption for the low-pressure hot cleaning technique.

The operating principle is mainly based on physical effects (temperature and pressure). An alkaline cleaning agent can be added, if necessary, as support or as protection against corrosion.

Depending on the device series working with VE-water (demineralised water) or acid is also possible or when cleaning machines it can be cleaned directly with the cooling lubricant or cutting oil.

For the parts cleaning either mounted-on cleaning baths or for large parts stationary collectors are available in different dimensions and capacities. For all variants the process water is recycled by a special patented sedimentation procedure and thus it can be operated in the cycle for a longer period.

This saves resources as well as cleaning agents and reduces the disposal costs.

Our technology:

  • Low pressure of max. 8 bar (14 bar)
  • High water temperature up to 95° C after approx. 1 minute heating time
  • Electrical flow heater only heats the outflowing water
  • Extremely durable, lockable wheels
  • Infinitely variable pressure adjustment
  • Short and long lances for the respective application
  • Integrated water tank with a volume of 30 or 60 litres
  • Low water consumption of max. 1,8 l/min (2,4 l/min)
  • Concentrate tank for optional addition of cleaning accelerators or cooling lubricants (KSS)
  • Water recycling by a special sedimentation process
  • Parts cleaning bath with raised splash protection wall
  • Capacity of the collector 50 or 80 kg

Your advantages:

  • Universal cleaning process
  • Protection of health and environment
  • User-friendly device design
  • Mobile concept
  • High profitability by:
    • shorter cleaning times
    • less use of materials
    • more favourable disposal
    • lowest storage and security costs
  • No splash-back effects
  • Adjustable pressure for large and smallest workpieces
  • High ease of use
  • Better working results
  • No damage to component parts
  • By appropriate change tools cleaning is possible even at difficult to access places such as blind holes, through bores, undercuts, pipes or with long lances also large component parts and in machines.