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Automated processes, in particular pipe cleaning

In some processes, our equipment can be integrated semi- or fully automatically into the process chain. This is successfully used, for example, in the production of solar elements, flanges and pipe cleaning, where robots can also be used in some cases. Pipes, for example, can be cleaned very effectively with the help of a nozzle ring and 2000-series machines that achieve a correspondingly high throughput.

See the films Cleaning flanges and Hot cleaning with robots.

Automated parts cleaning

Low pressure hot cleaning systems as space-saving - low cost cleaning plant

The demand for a high degree of automation in the industrial parts cleaning does not also require the use of complex cleaning plants with a high investment requirement but can easily be realized in particular cases. ph-cleantec offers solutions which comply with a high degree of automation and require only little space. Basic technology are low pressure hot cleaning devices.

The high cleaning power of the systems is reached by hot water with a temperature of 95°C and a pressure up to 14 bar as well as a water volume of 4 l/min. The performance can be distributed to several nozzles and thus reduced to approx. 3 bar per nozzle This low pressure ensures that no splash back effects arise and thus the plant can work trouble-free and without special casing. The components can be brought to the cleaning station with simple transport systems and are transported to further processing steps after cleaning.

The actual cleaning cell is very compact depending on the parts geometry. The integration into the automation is done by using a simple control technology. Alternatively a robot can take care of the handling of the parts or nozzles. The cleaning technique thus can be integrated into existing automation systems. The used water can be treated by a special sedimentation method and thus be operated in the cycle.

Automated parts cleaning

Summarized the user has the following advantages

  • Simple design guarantees a manageable investment within shortest realisation period
  • Small plant which could easily be integrated into the existing layout
  • Full integration into the existing parts transport system
  • Water recycling via automatic circulation with appropriate waste water filtering
  • The hot water jet does not splash back; an expensive casing is not necessary

Moreover the low pressure hot cleaning systems can be used as mobile plants for the most different tasks in the industrial production. From small-series cleaning (without automation) over large components and tasks in the maintenance to machine cleaning the devices are all-rounders. By the way, due to the chemical-free cleaning method they protect the environment as well as the health of the operator and also the wallet.

Pipe cleaning station RRS

Parts cleaning with robots / cobots