Application reports

Why work with many solutions, if it goes well with just one: ph-cleantec Universal Hot Cleaning Devices.

In modern industrial plants there are most different cleaning tasks. The aim is not only high quantities or standardized components.

High flexibility is often necessary as regards component size, complexity and accessibility. Or the company needs a solution for the repair, maintenance and machine cleaning.

In this case the advantages of the low pressure hot cleaning technique take effect, because it offers a real alternative to the well-known conventional possibilities such as high pressure cleaner, manual cleaning with chemicals and rugs, dry-ice blasting or steam cleaning.

The cleaning system which was developed more than 20 years ago for applications in the automobile workshops meanwhile has established itself in the industry and is used successfully for the most different applications.


The ph-cleantec low pressure hot cleaning is based on a combination of low pressure (up to max. 14 bar) and 95°C hot water. The temperature is generated within 1 minute by means of an electrical flow heater, i.e. the cleaning power is immediately available. The device is operated by means of lance or pistol like the high pressure cleaner. The low pressure and a water consumption of only approx. 2 l/min guarantee compared to the high pressure that:

  • It can be cleaned directly in a production environment
  • No sensitive components are damaged
  • The used and to be disposed water quantities remain quite limited
  • The environment as well as the operator will not be affected
  • It can be used also in heavily accessible places
  • No spezial precautions are necessary


If required, an anticorrosive cleaning agent or cooling lubricant can be added.

Compared with the manual work with rugs and aggressive cleaning agents the ph-cleantec method is considerably faster and more efficient. You also reach heavily accessible places and clean without the use of aggressive chemicals causing harm to operator and environment.